Empathy, warmth, and compassion are personal attributes that I bring to my role as a licensed clinical psychologist. My extensive training in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral, and functional family therapies allows me to draw upon an integrative psychotherapeutic framework in helping clients navigate life stressors. I guide clients in fostering a better understanding of self, relationships, and the context in which they live.

During sessions, I pay close attention to and exploring open-mindedly themes and patterns in my client’s self-perception, relationships, developmental history, coping methods for difficult thoughts and emotions, values, and goals in life. My approach emphasizes making the client feel heard in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

I have experience in issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, parent-child relationships, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, and acculturation. My lived experience and sensitivity to multicultural and
diversity issues have enabled me to treat clients for whom these matters are important with the care, respect, and competence they deserve.