Teletherapy (Remote/Online Counseling) is a convenient option when in-person sessions are not possible or practical. We provide secure, confidential, encrypted video sessions through your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Clients must reside in the State of Maryland at the time of service due to licensure laws. Video sessions are most appropriate for clients ages 13 and up who are not in immediate crisis (suicidal or homicidal ideation, significant self-harm, active substance abuse, unmedicated Bipolar or Psychotic Disorders, etc).

Most major health insurance plans now include equal coverage for video sessions, but please call your carrier to verify that teletherapy sessions (CPT codes 90791GT and 90837GT, if they ask) are covered under your specific plan. Preliminary research shows that video sessions are just as effective as in-person ones, but we understand that they are not for everyone.

Scheduling works much like scheduling an in-person appointment: please call 240-750-6467 or email to figure out if we take your insurance, which therapist might be the best fit for you, and what their availability is. We will gather your insurance information and a credit card to keep on file. We will instruct you to download a free, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing app (“VSee”), where your therapist will call you at the agreed upon time. After the session, we will bill your insurance, charge any balance to the credit card on file, and email you a receipt and a confirmation of your next appointment time.